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WORDS OF PRAISE                                          DD II AARRYY

Dear Editor, we have now had the              2nd August ........ Essex Branch
pleasure of several issues of “Small          Alan Brignull—The Hedgehog Press,
Printer” produced in full colour. I           Adanaland, Wivenhoe
would just like to say that the use
of colour and layout has got beƩer            10th August....... Maidenhead Branch
and beƩer and, more importantly,              Barry Gilbert, AŌernoon BBQ, Reading
the content is beginning to reflect
the editorial team's hard work with           20th August....... Dorset Branch
interesƟng and informaƟve arƟcles.            MeeƟng 4pm

Finally a word of praise for the              13th-14th Sept .. Essex Branch Roadshow
contribuƟon in the July ediƟon from           Essex Country Show, Barleylands,
Colin Angior. His annual review of            Billericay
the Rosen award entries is always
a good read and this year he must             24th Sept........... Dorset Branch
have spent many hours on it. I am             MeeƟng 4pm
sure that everyone who contributes,
benefits from his advice, praise and           25th Sept........... South Wales Branch
the points that he makes and that             Planning meeƟng for 2015
we are all then determined to make
a beƩer effort next year to win, what          27th Sept........... Maidenhead Branch
has become, a quite coveted award.            Open Day at Wokingham Methodist
                       Len Friend (8988)
                                              7th October....... Maidenhead Branch
      ALL MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS                 Dorothy Sydenham, Thame: Branch AGM
  currently £27 for UK, £42 for Overseas, or
  noƟficaƟons for change of address, email     29th October..... Dorset Branch
   or telephone numbers should be sent to     MeeƟng 4pm

    the Membership Secretary: Margaret               ƒãã›Äã®ÊÄ
  Rookes, 57 Craiston Way, Great Baddow,
                                                       ěó ÛЛÙÝ
              Chelmsford CM2 8ED.
   Please make any cheques payable to the     If you are new to the Society and want to find out
                                              about your local Branch, or if you want to start up
            ‘BriƟsh PrinƟng Society’.
                                                  a new Branch in your area, please contact:

                                                Bob Edwards Tel: 01252 615439 or

                                              GROW A BRANCH
                                               IN YOUR AREA!

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