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FOUR SIDED GALLEY                            Dear Editor, I have a piece of equipment
                                             which a member might have come across
Dear Editor, I noƟced in John Easson's       and know something about. When disposing
arƟcle on galleys that they each had two     of water damaged leƩerpress equipment
or three sides. How about this one with      for an ex BPS member last year I retrieved
four sides, the fourth being aƩached         several pieces of corroded alloy which I
to the slice? When I bought it from a        thought looked interesƟng. AŌer cleaning
Warwickshire printer he described it as a    them up I found that they joined together to
'picture frame galley' and said it was just  form a frame and that each side was made
the size for small handbills, the whole job  of two pieces that slid apart and joined by a
being set straight into the galley and slid  spring. The inside dimensions of the frame
onto the flat bed press.Photos showing        are approximately 12cm x 8cm and when
galley open and closed.                      expanded are approximately 19cm x 12cm.

                                             I cannot find any informaƟon on what I have
                                             but I am guessing it is an alternaƟve to page
                                             cord for holding small jobs. Has anybody
                                             come across these before?

                     Peter Criddle (6562)    Paul Woolley
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