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plate could be transformed by   survive which incorporate Chaostype
prinƟng it over a solid colour        prinƟng as a security measure.
in black, then shiŌing                     Chaostype is now largely
the plate slightly (or                         forgoƩen. Few realise the
moving the gauge                                 impact it made when it
pins on the                                        first appeared, but the
platen) to create                                    results remain for us
a Ɵny shiŌ                                            to inspect at leisure.
in posiƟon.
OverprinƟng                                            By 1880 John
this image                                             Earhart had
with gold                                              realised the
or silver ink                                          pressing need for
could create                                           a major treaƟse
startling effects.                                     on colour science
The results were                                     for printers and in
limited only by the                                1889 started wriƟng
imaginaƟon of the                                his most important
printer.                                      work, The Color Printer: A
                                           TreaƟse on the Use of Colors
Some Chaostype                                          in Typographic
prinƟng has                                             PrinƟng, which
the same                                                took three years
luminous effect                                           to complete and
as Earhart’s                                             finally appeared in
landscape                                                1892. It remains
painƟng, and                                             an important
other examples                                           milestone in the
appear to                                                history of prinƟng.
be three-                                                It was also an
dimensional.                                             enormously
The process                                              complicated
also served as a                                         technical
simple method                                            challenge,
of security                                              requiring 624
prinƟng as the                                           formes and
plates, thanks to                                        in excess of
their complex,                                           1,600,000
random designs,                                          separate
were almost                                              impressions.
impossible                                               The book
to duplicate.                                            demonstrates
A number of                                              the producƟon
Ɵckets and                                               of over 1,000
                                                         Ɵnts from a
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