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with a premium payable for ampersands and              ¦®ò›Ä ãÊ ã«› ›—®ãÊÙ ƒÝ ƒ »››Ö݃»› ¥ÙÊà 㫛 Êø¥Êٗ¦ç®½— Ê¥ ÖÙ®Äã›ÙÝ
“£” signs. A very nondescript sanserif leƩer “O”
(also “rare”) is currently on offer for £6.99 plus
£3.15 postage. Graphic designers, hunched over
their Mac computers, seem to have a parƟcular
penchant for these fragments of leƩerpress
archeology and use them as paperweights.
A constant source of annoyance (to me, and
probably because of my age) is the incorrect
terminology used on the Ebay site by leƩerpress
equipment sellers. Type is oŌen “typeset”, cases
are “drawers” and individual Monotype border
elements are “prinƟng blocks”. As I type this,
I see a wide selecƟon of Adana stock blocks
on Ebay, with starƟng prices around £5-£6. It’s
not long since they were available at BPS Open
Days for £1 or so. A handful are currently being
adverƟsed on the aucƟon site for £10 because
they too are “rare”. One enterprising seller has
discovered a large stash of the larger versions
and has been selling them regularly with prices
considerably below many original 7 x 4 em
blocks on offer, or which almost 300 were once
available. His prices are reasonable and having
purchased a number of blocks from him I can
highly recommend “twickenhamdavid” for his
realisƟc pricing and speedy service. That’s also
true of our very own Chris Daniels, with an
impressive track record on the aucƟon site and a
high level of customer saƟsfacƟon.

The most shocking Ebay Adana “bargain” of
recent weeks has no connecƟon with leƩerpress,
but much to do with my favourite breakfast
beverage. A coffee mug produced for the Adana
(Turkey) branch of Starbucks was on offer for the
staggering price of $900, or £538! The vendor
is cheekily adverƟsing the item as “10% off” its
original price of $1,000. For reasons best know to
the weird world of Ebay pricing, an idenƟcal mug
was available at the same Ɵme for “just” £20,
plus £10 postage from Turkey to the UK. I’ll sƟck
with my Woolworth’s £1 coffee cup, purchased
20 years ago and sƟll going strong. Only a real
mug would shell out almost £540 for such a
shabby piece of Ebay tat.

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