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The Rosen Award

2012 Rosen Award Entries
2012 Rosen Award Entries


The Rosen Award was first awarded in 1999 as a tribute to Bernard Rosen a long serving member of the Society who for many years acted as the Enquiries and Engineering Officer helping with countless problems which members were having with their machinery. This is the reason the award is in the form of a mounted machine bearing, something which puzzles those not in the know.

The Award is given for the best collective submission by a Branch.

The printing and finishing of the entry should be done entirely by members of the Branch who are paid up members of the Society. It is however not necessary for every member of the Branch to participate, although as many as possible should be involved in it's production.

Every sheet including the cover should be identifiable with the member or press name and BPS membership number either on the front or reverse.

Fifteen copies should be sent to the Society Secretary to arrive by 15th January 2018.

Claims for reimbursement of carriage costs may be sent to the Society Treasurer.

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