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Publishing Group Annual

formerly Small Printing

Once a year members contribute pages on a subject previously agreed by the group members. The pages are assembled and bound as a book now called The Publishing Group Annual formerly Small Printing. Each contributing member receives a copy and the remaining copies are sold, many of these becoming collectors’ items.

Copies of PG Annual may be read by Members as an ebook. Click on the image to view.

pga 2018
pga 2018
Small Printing 2014 - Jubilee
Small Printing 2011 - Display
Small Printing 2012 - History
Small Printing 2004 - Jubilee
Small Printing 2003 - Printig & Steam
Small Printing 2001 - Eureka
Small Printing 2002 - Printing & War
Small Printing 2000 - Printing Poetry
Small Printing 1999 - Printters' Miscellennium