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Jubilee series of monographs, The

                      1994  B P S
                     1 The history of printing ink; 2 A glossary of printing terms; 3 Index to
                     ISPA News and Small Printer 1954-1982; 4 The Adana connection; 5 The
                     official Journal and its editors 1944-1997

                 Lithography – 200 years of art, history & technique

                     Various. Domenico Porzio Gen ed
                      1982  Bracken Books
                     284 illustrations of lithographic art

                 Moxon: Mechanik Exercises

                      1978  Dover Publications
                     A paperback reproduction. First appeared in 1683; described tools and
                     skilled movements involved with the craft in those early days

                 Patent Models in The Graphic Arts Collection

                     Elizabeth Harris
                      1997  National Museum of American History
                     Catalogue of 400 models in The National Museum of American History

                 Poetic Printshop Past Times

                     Richard E Huss (comp)
                      1976  Lancaster, Penn
                     An anthology of printers' poetry 1883-1936: you name it, if it's to do with
                     printing there is  probably a poem to suit it in this little book!

                 Printed Ephemera

                     John Lewis
                      1969  Faber & Faber
                     Shows changing form of type and letterforms in English and American

                 Printers' & Publishers' devices in England &
                 Scotland 1485-1640

                     Ronald B McKerrow
                      1949  The Bibliographical Society, London
                     A reference book for anyone interested in early English books (incunables)
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