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History of Printing

                 500 Years of Printing in Scotland 1505-2008

                     2009  Scottish Printing Archival Trust
                     In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Scottish printing industry

                 Caxton in focus

                     Lotte Hellinga
                      1982  The British Library
                     The beginning of printing in England: the history of three centuries of
                     research into Caxton, shedding new light on England’s first printing house
                     at Westminster Abbey

                 Chronology of Printing, A

                     Colin Clair
                      1969  Cassell & Co Ltd
                     A compendium of information from when printing was first introduced
                     into Europe

                 Collecting Printed Ephemera

                     Maurice Rickards
                      1988  Phaidon Christie’s Ltd
                     A guide to collecting, cataloguing and preserving

                 Illustrated Book, The – The History of; the western

                     From Byzantium to the 20th  Century. 465 illustrations

                 Johann Gutenberg

                     Michael Pollard
                      1992  Exley
                     The story of the invention of moveable type and how printing led to a
                     knowledge explosion
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