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Design & Graphics

                 20th Century Book, The – its illustration and design

                     John Lewis
                      1984  Van Nostrand Reinhold Co (2nd ed)
                     Significant pages and covers

                 Decorative Frames and Borders

                     Edmund Gillon
                      1973  Dover Publications
                     Contains 369 copyright-free designs for artists and craftsmen

                 Design in Printing, Beginner's Guide to

                     Leslie Luker
                      1962  Adana
                     Guides the reader in the selection and use of type, rules, blocks and
                     spacing material. Written from the letterpress point of view

                 Eric Gill: man of flesh and spirit

                     Malcolm Yorke
                      1981  Constable & Co.
                     Author, typographer – a wide ranging biography of this controversial man

                 Illustration and Reproduction

                     John R Biggs
                      1950  Blandford Press
                     Demonstrates printing processes in a series of illustrations with notes by
                     the artists

                 Introduction to Typography

                     Terry Jeavons & Michael Beaumont
                      1990  The Apple Press
                     Links typography with art and design in the digital age, with deference to
                     its origins in hot metal and type trays
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