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                 Basic Bookbinding

                     A W Lewis
                      1957  Dover Publications Inc., New York
                     Starting from basic principles and assuming no previous experience but
                     useful both for beginners and experts

                 Beginners Guide to Warehousing, Bookbinding &
                     Leslie Luker
                      1974  Adana
                     Takes the reader through paper storage and warehousing  and binding of
                     small editions; the final section is on illustration

                 Binding your own books

                     John Woodcock
                           Puffin Picture Books
                     Written for children but anyone who wanted to bind or rebind a book, or
                     make a photograph album, would be able to do so from these clear line
                     drawings and instructions


                     J S Hewitt-Bates
                      1967  The Dryad Press
                      Presents the subject from practical aspects and includes a series of
                     exercises culminating in full leather binding with tooled design in gold

                 Finishing Processes in Printing

                     A G Martin
                      1972  Focal Press
                      A comprehensive textbook on a vast range of processes. For the
                     production worker, technician, and technologist

                 Hand bookbinding

                     Aldren A Watson
                      1963  Bell Publishing Company, New York
                     A manual of instruction illustrated throughout with clear line drawings,
                     instructions for basic procedures through to advanced projects
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