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Type Designers, An A-Z of

                     Neil Macmillan
                     2006  Yale University Press
                      An illustrated A-Z featuring type designers from around the world from
                     Gutenberg to the present day

                 Type Faces

                      1995  The Kazui Press
                     Specimen of twenty six soldiers of lead

                 Typefaces, A Book of

                     John Lewis (designer)
                      1952  W S Cowell Ltd
                     With some illustrated examples of text and display setting

                 Typography, My

                     Masao Takaoka
                     2004  The Kazui Press Ltd
                     A beautiful little book but mainly Japanese text. Accompanied by a
                     miniature fold-out English alphabet

                 Typography: basic principles

                     John Lewis
                      1963  Studio Books, London
                     Influences and trends since the 19th century: not a history, but concerned
                     with the living material of the craft - written over 50 years ago

                 Typography: design & practice

                     John Lewis
                      1978  Barrie & Jenkins
                     Deals with the influences in design, and the practicalities of the
                     typographer's art

                 Vincent Figgins Type Specimens 1801 and 1915

                     Printing Historical Society
                     Facsimile of the printing types of Vincent Figgins, with an introduction
                     and notes
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