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Morison, Stanley – his typographic achievement

                     James Moran
                      1971  Lund Humphries
                     A biography

                 One Hundred Years of Type Making

                      1997  The Monotype Recorder
                     Centenary issue

                 Printing Types

                     C & E Layton
                      1966  London College of Printing
                     Selected plates from the extensive range of typefaces held by C & E Layton

                 Stephenson Blake, the Last of the Old English

                     Roy Millington
                      2002  Oak Knoll Press & The British Library
                     How the company became such an  important typefounder and printers’
                     equipment supplier.

                 Twentieth Century Type Designers

                     S Carter
                      1987  Taplinger Publishing Co, New York
                     Seventeen type designers and how they worked, set in the context of the
                     contemporary printing industry

                 Type - A visual history of Typefaces and graphic
                 styles:  Vol 1 1628-1900, Vol 2 1901-1938
                     Ed. C W de Jong, A W Purvis, J Tholenaar
                      2013  Taschen
                     Very beautiful and very heavy! Two soft back books in card sleeve

                 Type & Typography

                     Phil Baines & Andrew Haslam
                      2002  Laurence King Publishing, London
                     This book provides an essential grounding for readers of all levels from
                     students to professionals. Lovely book, copiously illustrated
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