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                 About alphabets

                     Hermann Zapf
                      1970  The M I T Press
                     Some marginal notes on type design

                 Atlas of Typeforms, An

                     James Sutton & Alan Bartram
                      1988  Wordsworth Editions
                     From the Romans to the 20th century

                 Decorated Typefaces, A Manual of

                     R S Hutchings
                      1965  Cory Adams & McKay Ltd
                     A guide to typefounders’ and matrix manufacturers’ series from 1920 to

                 Letterpress Typography, My Study of

                     Juzo Takaoka
                      1972  The Kazui Press
                     A former member of the BPS dedicates this beautiful book to his friends
                     who are "enthusiastic typophiles". In English and Japanese

                 Manual of Typography

                     Ruari McLean
                      1982  Thames & Hudson Ltd
                     Reprint of 1980 original. A textbook from the days before most people had
                     computers but still relevant

                 Monotype Display Faces

                     The Monotype Corporation
                           The Monotype Corporation
                     Type catalogue of various display faces available from the Monotype
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