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Printing as a business

                 Authors' and Printers' dictionary

                     F Howard Collins
                      1956  OUP
                     Everyday advice when an authoritative answer is needed during the
                     passage of books through to the press

                 Handbook of Type and Illustration, A

                     John Lewis
                      1956  Faber & Faber
                     Deals with the printing and  production of illustrated books

                 Hart's Rules for Compositers & Readers at the OUP

                      1978  OUP
                     Alternative spellings, punctuation, abbreviations, etc.

                 Modern Book Production

                     Dorothy Harrop
                      1968  Clive Bingley
                     Introducing the processes involved in making books, periodicals and
                     newspapers. Chapters on paper, type, printing, bookbinding, make-up,
                     design and publishing
                 Printing of Books, The

                     Holbrook Jackson
                      1947  Cassel & Co Ltd
                     The art of printing from the point of view of readers and authors
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