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Practical Printing Vol 2

                     John Southwood
                      1900  The Printer's Register
                     Vol 2 follows on from Vol 1 with chromatic theory: it has chapters on
                     chapels, clicking and wage rates

                 Printing for Amateurs & Small Printers

                     Harold Selwyn
                           Percival Marshall & Co Ltd
                     Nostalgic illustrations of Adana and other presses. Includes type
                     selection, make-ready, machining, paper and card sizes, print finishing

                 Printing for Pleasure

                     John Ryder
                      1969  The English University Press Ltd
                      Printing as a hobby. Covers setting up a print shop, choosing the
                     machine, typefaces, setting layout and machining. Includes some history
                     of classic typefaces and small printing establishments of the past
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