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                 Artistic Printing, The Handy Book of

                     Doug Clouse & Angela Voulangas
                     2009  Princeton Architectural Press, NY
                     A collection of letterpress examples with specimens of type ornament,
                     corner fills, borders, twisters, wrinklers and other "freaks of fancy"

                 Basic Printing

                     British Printing Soc
                     The beginner's guide to letterpress printing at home

                 Glint et al

                     Roy Morgan
                      1965  College of Art & Industrial Design School of Printing,
                     A fragile little comb-bound book full of delights for lovers of glint

                 Hints for the Pressman (Cylinder Machines)

                     For operators of Heidelberg machines but useful for all letterpress printers

                 Letterpress Platemaking

                     F G Willis & R V Cannon
                      1969  Pergamom Press
                     A workshop manual. Broken down into convenient and progressive

                 Practical Printing Vol 1

                     John Southward
                      1900  The Printer’s Register
                     Vol 1 is mainly for those deeply interested in or involved with letterpress
                     printing: chapters include music printing, Hebrew and law printing.
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