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interest. I would urge members living in London to get in touch and add their names

             Average Attendance: 10 and maybe come up with some suggestions of activities, meetings or events that  might be of interest to London members. Two meetings were held at Members Presses, Chris and Jenny Brinson, The Haven  Press and Alan and Julie Brignull, the Hedgehog Press, Adanaland. Maidenhead Branch — Paul Hatcher (10648) Roadshow events two, Langford Museum of Power and Thaxted Church Craft Fair,  both very successful. These events have encouraged new m

          Essex Branch — Gwen Harper (5992)

             Members: 18  Meetings: 7      we have been able to help them to fi     Stockwell.           Meetings: 7      Members: 6   son’s and is now unable to attend branch meetings.     competition.        refreshments at branch meetings.     together and enjoying printing    London Branch — Matt McKenzie (10577)  Meetings:        Members:
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