Page 7 - Annual Report 2016
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hope you will agree we have managed to achieve. This would not be possible without
                                         Feedback regarding the website is welcome, what would you like to have included in
                              I have been unable to update the website with new material as much as I had hoped
                  high quality printing and service, even managing to deliver on time when I have been
              who have, and to those who haven’t please consider writing something during 2017.
                                                   cer to keep us in the public
            you, the members, providing material to include in the magazine. Many thanks to all
                                                 nd little time
                                     and pdfs of Small Printer and we now have Volume 52 – 2016 in the Members’ Area
                     late letting them have the artwork and when the printed proof has been delayed by
                Thanks must also go to Cassie and her team at Moulton Printing for their excellent,
                                  producing Small Printer. I have, however, managed to continue adding the e-books
                                over the past year as I am now spending many hours each month designing and
                                             Our social networking pages remain popular and currently we have 417 Likes
                                                (followers) on Facebook and 934 Followers on Twitter. Unfortunately I fi
                                                                  Average Attendance: 10 This year we had several talks by George Webb, on a variety of topics including on  make ready, he has various combinations of paper, card, acetate, tissue paper and a  We have looked at and experimented with hot foil printing, we had three machines  We had a most interesting visit to Henry Ling, printers in Dorset, and marvelled at the  Some members of the branch went to the excellen
                                                               Dorset Branch — Win Armand Smith (10716)
                                                  to post to either, the Society sorely needs a Publicity Offi

                            Web Master — Ron Rookes (4682)

                                                                    Meetings: 10   ne smooth glue that he uses to get the best possible impression. in use with varying results. Jean brings her Adana 8x5 in occasionally and we  speed of book production, wonderful machinery folding, cutting, gluing and binding  time has been taken in deciding where to hold it and how it will operate. us a warm welcome and we have the happy interruption occasionally when the  Christmas lunch
                                       along with Volumes 51 and 50.  the Members’ Section?    At each meeting we have a topic or a talk.  experiment with blocks and borders.  tea following the meeting.

                       Royal Mail.                  eye.  Branches  Members: 12      very fi     books.

               nancial reports to the Treasurer to enable  President until August) with monthly updates on both new and lapsed members. I  the correct allocation of membership funds received. I updated the artwork for    cers, UK and  During 2016 I attended two events open to the public where I was able to promote  opportunity to talk to both visitors and exhibitors about the BPS. With my local Essex    ve presses being  demonstrated. This proved very popular and was a us
          of new members and other updates. I have provided the President (and Vice-

              have also provided my usual monthly fi production of the Membership List 2016 – 2017 and assisted the Mailer in the  distribution of this. I have provided Executive and Non-Executive Offi Overseas Branches and individual members with updated membership details   whenever requested.    the Society. I visited the St. Bride Foundation Wayzgoose, which provided an  Branch I attended a large Craft Fair held at Thaxted Church, with fi or social networking sites via o
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