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did not arrive in time for them to be printed and dispatched before the holiday break.
                                                                        often unrelated to their membership. Following the sudden loss of our Vice President
                                  usually in the hands of Royal Mail by the end of the month. Even though we only use
                                                                      dealt with by the EC. I have had a lot of contact with members on a variety of issues,
                                Moulton Printing, Small Printer arrived on time each month and the magazines were
                                       day. Most of the bundle items were promoting Branch and Society events, but some
                                                       rst day back in the New
                                                  mailing of the January 2017 magazine as, due to Christmas post problems, the proof
                                         were from members displaying examples of their print, my thanks go to them for all
                                             not help to make the magazine more interesting by printing a Bundle item yourself,
                                                                    were dealt with by email with the exception of one issue which was discussed and
            into two large plastic crates, the entire Library can be on display instead of just the
                     the books at the Convention subsequently requested a book in May and has yet to
           cantly, because the books all now just about fi
                                                                  year.  I have dealt with much the same sort of problems as in previous years, most
              Librarian’s selection. I had hoped that the portability might encourage Branches to
                                                there is no charge for non-commercial items? The only hiccup of the year was the
                                           their time and effort used to provide members with samples of their printing. Why
                                     2nd Class mail, many members have reported receiving their magazines the next
                                                                Once again little has changed in my post as Membership Secretary over the past
                                                                           I have been providing new members with information about their local branch if
                              Once again it has been an uneventful year for the Mailer. Thanks to our printers,
                  Requests for loans have again been few. A new member who looked through
                                                             Membership Secretary — Margaret Rookes (10701)
                borrow the Library periodically but this has not so far happened.
                                                      Cassie and her team printed and dispatched them on their fi
                                                        Year and they were posted before the end of the week.
                            Mailer — Ron Rookes (4682)
          and generated some interest.  Signifi
                       return it despite requests to do so.

                                                                               cer I have only  there is one and encouraging the possible formation of new ones. Where appropriate  I have informed the relevant Branch Secretary of any new member in their area. This  has added to my workload and I hope that someone else may soon take on the role   of Branch liaison.  On December 31st 2016 the active membership of the Society was 294, this is 10     more than at the end of 20
            cers Advertising Manager — Ron Watson (6955) I wish to record my thanks to those members and other advertisers who continue to  support the Society by advertising in the Small Printer magazine and those who also  It has also been noticeable that we continue to be the source of help when it  comes to helping with the disposal of printing equipment from members who have  passed away. The Society has also helped other members of the public to move  equipment they
           Non-executive Offi  make use of the Society Website.     Editor — Chris Green (7614)  have transformed the magazine.       an example and each provide something during 2017.     halfway there.  Enquiries Offi  from China, etc. Librarian — Libby Green (7614)  recycling.
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