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contributed multiple pages.  Thank you to all who have taken part in PG activities this
                                                                                               I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Rachel for taking on the role of Chairman
                  have visited some other members this year, I did not manage to attend the meetings
                                                                                           year, it has been interesting and invigorating, we hope for even more interesting and
                                                                                       rst time. Four members generously
              attended the Chipping Campden Wayzgoose in June, an artist’s book fair in Reading
            Wayzgoose in May and at the Oxford Guild of Printers Wayzgoose in October.  I also
                                                                     honorary EC members. We have had great success with the bi-monthly PG Bundles
                                     activities. We also visited the St. Bride Foundation Wayzgoose, where we were able
                                  Road Show at Thaxted Church Craft Fair with a table promoting the Society and it’s
                                                                       this year, with a total of 130 items being produced and mailed out to all members.
                in October, and gave a talk to the Oxford Guild of Printers in December. Although I
                              the one held on the 5th November. I joined the Essex Branch for their Road Show
                                                                         Many members responded to Rachel’s encouragement for experimental printing,
                                at the Langford Museum of Power and along with the Membership Secretary the
          and the 2016 Bristol Convention. I represented the BPS at a stall at the St Bride’s
                                                            At the PG AGM in April Rachel Marsh was elected as Chairman of the Publishing
                                                              Group. There has been renewed interest shown in the PG this year, membership
                                                                             shared, requiring a whole new interpretation of ‘collating the Bundle’ in order to
                                                                numbers have increased by 50% over the last few months, with more members
                                                                                                 with such enthusiasm and playing a huge part in encouraging both existing and
                                              I have spent time working on some of the printing and publishing items for the
                            As Councillor I attended all the meetings of the EC held during the year except
                                                                           which resulted in some very original and interesting items being produced and
                                                                                    ‘Outrageous Fonts’. This had 34 pages, including the covers, contributed by 22
                                                Newport Convention during the year. This involvement will continue into 2017
                                                                  considering joining during 2017. Current membership stands at 32, plus three
                                                                                  ‘The Publishing Group Annual 2016’ was also produced, with the subject of
                                       to chat to visitors and exhibitors and once again promote the Society.
                                                     Other activities have been connected with attending E.C. Meetings.
                                                                                ensure it’s safe arrival and minimise the cost of postage and packing!
                     of any other branches, something I hope to rectify in 2017.
                                                          PG Councillor — Margaret Rookes (10701)
                                                                                                   potential members to take part in the Publishing Group.
                                                                                      members, six of whom were taking part for the fi
                                                                                             exciting items to share during the next year.
                          Councillor — Ron Rookes (4682)
                                            Councillor — Ron Watson (6955)
                                                  leading up to the Convention.

                                                                                                                the 2016 Convention at Bristol.  However, I also attended all the EC meetings in 2016,
                                                                                           In addition I have attended many of the Surrey & Sussex Branch meetings and also
                                          say a few words from the Society. Several members have visited Jane for a chat and
                                                                          Once again I have attended each Executive Council meeting and taken the Minutes.
                               good day out for friends and families with plenty to keep the children interested and
                                               October was our visit to The Print Show at Birmingham. 3D printing was on show
                                                   Clayton at the St. Bride’s stand, then sat to enjoy a cuppa with Bob Richardson and
                                                                Publishing Group bundle items. The PG has done really well this year. Rachel Marsh
                                        attended the thanksgiving service at Fleet Methodist Church where I was asked to
                                                                                       branch members visited Jane Edwards to assist with the disposal of some of Bob’s
                                                                                  Following Bob Edwards’ sudden passing, I together with other Society members
                                                 creating everything from a thimble to prosthetic limbs, incredible. We met Michael
                                                                                                              Maidenhead Branch, and being part of the team of Branch Members preparing for
                                      good friend Bob Edwards had died while away for the weekend. Twelve members
                         entire weekend with the backing of the branch to provide us with one of the best
                                                          Wayzgoose, a busy enjoyable event. There were several other studios open in the
                             In May I visited the Amberley Museum during the print weekend, it’s always a
                                                              This year I have printed bundle items for the Newport Convention and several
                      by the Maidenhead branch fronted by Bob Edwards who worked really hard the
                                                                                     attended his Thanksgiving Service.  I have also, with other EC and Maidenhead
                                    At the end of August came the shattering news that our Vice President and
                                                       At the beginning of December Ron and I travelled to Stroud for the Printers
                    In April we were all treated to a great Convention weekend at Bristol, hosted
                   ies, can another year have passed so soon.
                                                                                                                    2  3
                                             ce.                  suggested Glint and the members responded with a truly amazing result. I also attended the excellent Convention at Bristol last April.  I have dealt with  correspondence as necessary and have supported members of the Executive   their Practical Print day when we printed a keepsake for the Convention.  During 2016 much of my time has been taken up with being Secretary of the
            cers  President — Jean Watson (3712)                       Secretary — Peter Salisbury (5510)  Treasurer — Robin Munday (10392)  Councillor — Paul Hatcher (10648)
           Executive Offi  How time fl  conventions I’ve attended.     occupied.     to help towards clearing Bob’s offi     Peter Scarrett.     area, we visited three.     Council as required.       equipment     To be reported in Small Printer.
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