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several rooms which have been knocked together over the last century, and contains
                                  I hope that readers of Small Printer will enjoy the fruits of my labours over the next
              research is often carried out after hours, in the main book stack, known to staff and
                                                for us. The sudden death of Bob Edwards, our Chairman, and the devastating stroke
                                                      August BBQ and the AGM in October and managed to catch up with the news. I am
                                             colleagues  in the  Maidenhead Branch who did all the work. It has been a sad year
                                                    branch members have rallied round. I am sorry I can’t help more but I did host the
                volunteers as Room 19. This Orwellian-sounding space is a vast area, consisting of
                                           I enjoyed the Convention in April, and meeting friends old and new - thanks to my
                           monthly articles will not contain as much detail as some of the longer pieces, and
                       “Out of the Archives” is a feature which will hopefully appear every month, and
                         will allow me to provide at least one regular short feature for Small Printer. These
                             will focus on items which are not ‘headline’ artefacts, but smaller, lesser-known
                                                  that Barry Gilbert, our then Treasurer, suffered was overwhelming. However, the
                                                                                                       cers (Executive and Nonexecutive), Branch Secretaries
            My voluntary role at St Bride keeps me very busy for much of the day, so
                                                                                                         and Honorary Members were asked to provide a report
                                                        now looking forward to  attending Newport Convention in April.
                                                                                                               All those received are included here  15

          images on the printed page.     the bulk of the books and small artefacts.     items in the St Bride collections.     year.  Dorothy Sydenham (6838)  All Offi

                                                                 As an Honorary Member of the Society I continue to take an active interest by editing
                                                                       year. Along with my wife Libby, who is Branch Secretary, I attend all the activities and
            member locally setting up commercially, and another working in art just beginning to
                                                                   the Society magazine, Small Printer, with considerable assistance from Ron Rookes. I
                                                                                   Bride Library in Fleet Street. Although it is only open to the public two days a month,
                                                                     am also acting as Bookings Secretary for the Annual Convention, as indeed I did last
                            I am still doing a small amount of printing, and I enjoy reading Small Printer, which
          been as elsewhere an encouraging growth in interest in letterpress, with one new
                                                                                 In the past year or so I’ve spent a great deal of my spare time in the archives of St
                                 interesting, focussing on letterpress printing, and I enjoyed last year’s convention
                                                       extended stay at Newport in 2017 we look forward to meeting many of our BPS
                               seems to be getting better and better. Dorset Branch meetings have been very
                                          During the past year my BPS time has been spent in helping to arrange Essex
                                            Branch events and writing a couple of articles for the Overseas Newsletter.
                                                     Sandra and I attended the Bristol convention in 2016 and as we have an
                                               I have assisted with the repair and adjustment to a few machines in the
                                                 Essex area and this sometimes involved calls to the Society Enquiries
                                                                                        t to the Society. I work as an unpaid volunteer, which permits special access to the collections, and  As the Editor often tells us, Small Printer cannot exist without articles for  publication, so I’ve used my position at St Bride to source original material for the  pages of our monthly journal. It’s not as easy as it might seem, for every article  involves a considerable amount of r

              establish their printshop.  Mike Elliston (1613)  Nothing to report.  Roderic Findlay (10458)  and look forward to this year’s.   Len Friend (8988)   cer.  Offi     acquaintances.  Chris Green (7614)  meetings of the Surrey & Sussex Branch.  Bob Richardson (9718)  this has been of enormous benefi
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