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he gave us an interesting talk on Glint and showed us some of his printing curiosities.
                before the November AGM was at Peter Scarratt’s in Crawley on 11th October when
            evening of printers’ chitchat and some excellent refreshments, and were pleased
          We met again on September 13th at Mark’s workplace in Westcott for a pleasant
               nal meeting   Disappointingly, as in 2015, letters were sent to several Society members living in the    rst time I met  said ‘ would you like to try it?’  I did, but managed to steer unerringly into a wall.  I’ve    nishing and    tted in like old stagers.  Each    uence within the Society was general and

              that Rachel had managed to make the journey from Farnham. Our fi

                       Branch catchment area. So not only a good range of activities but also spreading our meetings around the  Our membership increased to eight which for a branch which, like many, has     lost members in recent years rather than gaining any, was very encouraging.  Surrey and Sussex area, enclosing our 2016 programme and inviting them to make  contact with us, received no response.  Honorary Members  Colin Angior (4219) 2016 has been, for me and Ros, a

          Our usual AGM in November was literally a wash out as heavy rains kept members
                                                      nal                                           ve Branch members. On May

                 South Wales Branch — Dominic Hartley (10627)

                    Average Attendance:    nd venues along the M4 corridor. This year was particularly challenging as many members dropped out last minute    rst meeting of 2016 was a visit to Steph’s Elysium Studio in   ng was featured on the front cover of Small  March 2016 – March 31st 2016 saw our branch visit McLays, a large Cardiff Printing   members attending were Dom, Ron plus Peter and Steph as we had a couple of last   Average Attendance: 6 We met on eight occas

            away and so plans for 2017 will be made in January.

                      Brief summary of 2016 meetings.  We aim to meet on the last Thursday of every  second month and as our area spreads from Chepstow on the East across to  due to illness/crowded diaries. It was decided at the September planning evening  to dedicate the Nov 2016, January 2017 and March 2017 meetings to Convention  planning. We seldom manage to inspire more than 4 members to attend any one   Company with quite probably the largest digital print operation
                    Meetings: 5                                                Meetings: 8         the weekend 8th – 10th April and was attended by fi

                           Pembroke on the West we aim to fi  Swansea. Our evening printing & proofi Printer a few weeks later.  July 2016 – Cancelled due to holidays  good programme of events.
                    Members: 10         January 2016 - Our fi    apologies  minute apologies.  Members: 8

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