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would interest people in Finland who can apparently all read English. Liam contacted
                  him and the article was re-printed in English along with the rest of TUOKIO in Finnish.
                                                      English papers about the meltdown of the NHS that instead of getting an ambulance
                                                               ve minutes probably wouldn’t make that much
                                                                   This past year has taught me a very important lesson – Keep in regular touch with
                           grandfather, Rupert Baring introduced wallabies to the island in the 1940’s and they
                                                                     Print colleagues from all over the world who are either present or past members of
                                                                       the BPS. You never know when they might give expert advice and guidance not just
                                                                                                   through the year, and our usual Christmas dinner (in March) and summer barbecue.
          Newsletter, the Rush Community News which contained an article about the Moon
              article in his local newsletter because there were some things in it that he thought
                                                          doctor said that he needed to be hospitalised but the hospital was just a couple of
                                               down somewhat. George Hamilton from Vienna who, at 85, I believe is now one of
                                        Christmas Edition which is posted out in late November along with the December
                                species of kangaroos found in Australasia including the tree kangaroo. This article
                                                 our oldest Overseas Branch members told me that he was on business in London
                                                   some time ago when he suffered a heart attack. He had read so much stuff in the
                                                                                               We started the year with our usual third Monday of the month meeting at a local
                                  was very well received here, as was a short autobiography written by Len Friend
            written by our resident astronomer, Liam Gavin.  Arsi asked could he re-print the
                                                            hundred yards away and he may as well walk over there as he had already been
                                             Unfortunately I got held back this last time by a heart attack which slowed me
                             are still there. Dennis wrote a very interesting piece for us about all the different
                                                                                                 pub; following it with a further eight meetings at friends’ and members’ presses
                                      I normally edit three Overseas Newsletters a year with the last one being the
                     Dennis Wild who is no longer a member of the BPS still writes articles for the
                                                        he headed straight for the airport to get back to Vienna. When he got there the
                         the coast near Rush is Lambay Island which is owned by Lord Revelstoke. His
                       Overseas Newsletter and also pieces for the Rush Community News. Just off
                                                                                            Average Attendance: 9
                                                                 difference and it would be faster than waiting for the ambulance.
                                                                                  Average Attendance:
                                                                                         Shropshire Branch — Peter Criddle (6562)
                                    about his time working on the Queen Mary in the 1960’s.
                                                                              Scottish Branch — John Easson (2959)
                                                                         to you but to other friends of yours and vice-versa.
                                                                                    The Scottish Branch has not been active.

                                                              staggering around for two days and fi
                                                                                            Meetings: 10

                                           issue of the Small Printer.

                                                                                            Members: 12


                                                                                                    We have three members currently living in the USA and I received a report recently
                                                                                         the Irish Proclamation of Independence. The museum people were more than helpful
                on this for the Overseas Newsletter and also provided us with another article on the
                                                                                write a chapter in a book he was publishing about printing around the world. I wrote
              gave a talk on the history of printing in Australia.  He wrote a comprehensive report
                                                                                       I walked in to the place what should I see but a Wharfedale printing exact copies of
          Geoff Moor from Western Australia was unable to attend the Convention as he was
                                                                            and Alexander Samarin, the leading experts on the History of Printing in Russia was
                                                                                           and stopped the machine so I could photograph and measure up every single bit of
                                                                                    some illustrations for it I went down to the National Print Museum in Dublin.  When
                                                                                             the machine, especially the bits that Len was missing from his machine in England.
                             We received a report from Ted White in North Island, New Zealand who said that
            needed to help organise a historical symposium in the Kalgoorlie region where he
                                                                                  a pretty comprehensive article on the history of Printing In Ireland. In order to get
                                                                         Canada, Paul Jay, Mike Pomeroy and Larry Thompson plus Alexander Tsyganenko
                                                                              asked by Mr. Zhou, the proprietor of the Beijing Print Museum in China if I would
                         scooping out the ore with monster diggers. The old mining towns are now ghost
                                  aftershocks. All bookshelves in the print museum are now screwed to the walls
                                 rst earthquake on November 12th 2016 they have had at least 2,000
                                                                                               So this collaboration alone involved people from England, Ireland Canada, New
                     Nowadays, apparently mine shafts are a thing of the past. They just strip the
                                                                                                               Duplicator. (See the masthead above) Last March I sent him a copy of our local
                                                                                                       xing up the old Santa Fé     On a visit to the Hedge Sparrow press in April we welcomed two new members,  Margaret and Ian Hutchings; and also in that month had an unprecedented seven  members attending the convention. Later in the year we had an entertaining evening at a signmakers, coupled with a  model railway builder; and then in August another double visit to a book
                                    otherwise the books fall off every time there is an aftershock. Dr. John Holmes
                                                                                                             Newsletter in Espoo, Finland. It is called TUOKIO and is printed on a Gestetner
                                                                       part  made. By a great stroke of luck I, along with some print colleagues from
                       topsoil from an area of a couple of square kilometres and dig a very big hole
                                                                                                          Another Overseas Branch member, Arsi Saukkola publishes his own local
                                                                                                        railroad station in Englewood, Colorado for use as a Print Museum.
                  history of gold mining in Australia.     towns visited just by tourists.     since the fi  was in touch with me from  the South Island but did not  mention whether they have  had another earthquake as  well. I believe there are two  Wharfedale printing machines  in storage in New Zealand.   My friend Len Friend of the  BPS Essex Branch is presently  attempting to repair an old  Wharfedale and needed to  discover what exactly an  important but missing piec
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