Page 9 - Annual Report 2015
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Rosen Award. This year has also seen us contributing to the Small Printer in
        the shape of regular branch reports.
          Branch meetings are generally well attended, which is all the more
        remarkable given the distances that some members have to travel.

        London Branch — Matt McKenzie (10577)
        Members:       Meetings:       Average Attendance:
        No report submitted.

        Maidenhead Branch — Paul Hatcher (10648)

        Members: 9     Meetings: 9     Average Attendance: 7
        The Maidenhead Branch had a meeting most months in 2015; we usually
        meet at members’ houses on a weekday evening but we also have social
        events at other places and times. We do try to send details of our branch
        meetings to Small Printer and I hope that members can see from these
        that we are a friendly branch. New faces, whether local members thinking
        of joining the branch or visitors passing through the area, are assured of a
        warm welcome, and there is always plenty of chat!
          This year, our major activity has been planning for the 2016 BPS
        Convention at Filton Holiday Inn, Bristol, which has taken up more and more
        of the Branch’s time during the year. Because of the need to concentrate on
        this we did not hold an open day in 2015, and did not enter for the Rosen
         Our fi rst meeting in 2015 was our annual ‘Christmas’ lunch, held in
        January, this year at a new venue, the Reading East Holiday Inn, organised
        by Barry Gilbert. We were so impressed by their service that we will be
        returning there again next year. In February we met at Bob Edwards’, at
        which we launched our 2016 Convention plans. In March we met at Anke
        Ueberberg’s. Anke had organised a guest speaker for us, Martin Andrews,
        who gave a very interesting talk on Rena Gardiner and her lithographed
        books. We did not have a meeting in April because of the Convention, but in
        May we re-convened at Richard Owen’s to catch up with what went on at
        the Convention, and in June we met at Paul Hatcher’s for a mini bring-and
        buy sale in his garage. Over the summer we meet less often, but we did
        meet up for Barry Gilbert’s much-appreciated barbecue in July. Our branch
        year begins in October with the AGM, held as usual at Dorothy Sydenham’s,
        followed by a meeting at Barry Gilbert’s in November, with more convention
        discussion. In December we rounded off the calendar year with a meeting
        at Chris Daniells’. The branch ended the year on a sad note as Barry Gilbert,
        one of our longest-serving branch members (over 30 years) suffered a
        massive stroke in November, and all our thoughts and wishes go out to
        Barry and Ann, his wife.

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