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        Dorset Branch — Win Armand Smith (10716)

        Members: 15    Meetings: 9    Average Attendance: 10
        At each meeting we have a topic.  These have ranged from recent printing,
        interesting blocks found in boot sales or on line, lino printing, working out
        how to print a two-colour border, putting together our printers pie. We have
        also looked at different type high gauges, printing memorabilia and samples
        of unusual printing. We made a visit to a print workshop run by one of our
        members, we tried a couple of Rejafi x machines, we regularly have an
        Adana 8x5 brought along by Ron and Jean Watson for us to print on, we had
        a Sunday lunch in a restaurant, a Christmas lunch and at every meeting we
        have an afternoon tea.
           We have been very fortunate to meet at the stables at Whitcombe on a
        regular basis.

        Essex Branch — Gwen Harper (5992)

        Members: 19    Meetings: 8    Average Attendance: 10
        We met at the Grange Hotel, on the edge of Chelmsford In February to plan
        the year, and 14 members were present.
          We had 4 visits to members workshops, 3 visits to businesses and 3
        Roadshow events made their way onto the agenda for the year.
          3 new members joined the society during the year and a further 3 long
        standing branch members managed to come to  an odd meeting here and
        there. Five members from other branches visited a meeting during the year.
          The new year promises to be even busier.

        Lincolnshire and District Branch — Michael Edwards (10374)
        Members: 7     Meetings: 8     Average Attendance:
        As usual, the year started with our Christmas get-together held in February
        (better weather and better prices are the reasons for choosing post-
        Christmas Christmas dinner). The dinner is usually the time we hold our
        AGM and plan the year ahead. The most important thing to agree on is what
        we will produce for the annual Rosen Award competition.
          The highlight of the year for the branch this year was the trip to the
        tramway museum at Crich in Derbyshire. I think the branch turnout for the
        visit was probably the highest we ever had, and a great time was had by all.
        You will, of course, have read all about it in the Small Printer.
          The end of summer barbecue is another highlight of the branch’s hectic
        social diary. Otherwise, we have carried on with business pretty much as
        usual, and as usual ended the year by submitting another entry for the

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