Page 7 - Annual Report 2015
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paying online via PayPal. During the same period the Society lost a total
        of 48 members, 7 of these had died. Donations were received from 39
          The number of electronic payments by either PayPal or BACS continues
        to increase year on year, however many of our older, longstanding members
        still prefer to use cheques.
          I continued to supply details of new members and updates to the Editorial
        Team for publication in Small Printer. I provided the President and Vice-
        President with monthly updates on both new and lapsed members.  I also
        provided  detailed monthly fi nancial reports for the Treasurer so that he
        could correctly allocate the membership funds received. I have collaborated
        with the Mailer in the preparation and distribution of the Membership List
        for 2015 - 2016. I have interacted with members of the Executive Council,
        UK and Overseas Branches and individual members to provide updated
        membership details whenever requested.
          During 2015 I attended events with my local Essex Branch, held at
        Barleylands Essex Country Show and The Waiting Room at Colchester. These
        were open to the public and afforded useful opportunities to promote the
        Society. I also visited the St. Bride Foundation Wayzgoose, although we had
        no offi cial presence there it provided another opportunity to talk to both
        visitors and exhibitors about the BPS. Many of our new members have been
        introduced to the Society by the BPS presence on social networking sites
        and our own website
        Sales Secretary — Sandra Munday (10624)
        No report submitted.

        Web Master — Ron Rookes (4682)
        Work has continued on the ‘Members Only’ area with a Diary of Events,
        links to other Members’ web presence and the Library Catalogues. Small
        Printer is now available each month as an e-book and pdf download along
        with some back copies which will be added to in future months. The annual
        publication of the Publishing Group, PG Annual (formerly Small Printing) is
        also gradually being added as an e-book. You can also check out the entries
        for last year’s (2014) Rosen Award.
          Log in has now changed, Members will need to register with their own
        user name and password. This is not instant as each registration has to be
        verifi ed by the webmaster who is unable to monitor requests 24/7.
          Feedback regarding the website is welcome, what would you like to have
        included in the Members Section?
          Our social networking pages remain popular and currently we have 349
        Likes (followers) on Facebook and 734 followers on Twitter. As a direct result
        of the Society being on Twitter we have gained some new members.

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