Page 6 - Annual Report 2015
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uphill struggle trying to obtain material. After some consideration I agreed to
        accept the offer, but for a limited period of two years.
          I was promised that Ron Rookes, the Society Mailer, would look after the
        complicated side of putting the magazine together, and by the time you read
        this you will have been seen four issues of our combined effort.
          The magazine is for you, and – hopefully, at least to a limited extent – by
        you. Please help us to improve by sending your comments, aspirations, and
        – most important – your articles for publication.

        Enquiries Offi cer — John Easson (2959)
        Enquiries have been minimal, most messages being spam business offers or
        enquiries, but the odd real enquiry has been resolved. The post and process
        may be hardly used, but is no great effort to maintain at the moment.

        Librarian — Libby Green (7614)
        The Society’s Library saw almost no activity during 2015. Despite the
        catalogue being revamped and made available at the Convention and on the
        Society’s website, just one book was loaned out. Two or three requests for
        machine manuals were received but only one of these was available.
          In light of this, at its autumn meeting, the EC discussed the Library – its
        size, weight, storage requirements and contents and it was decided to
        review its future early in 2016.

        Mailer — Ron Rookes (4682)
        Once again it has been an uneventful year for the Mailer. Thanks to our
        printers, Moulton Printing, Small Printer arrived on time each month and
        the magazines were usually in the hands of Royal Mail by the end of the
        month. Even though we only use 2  Class mail many members have
        reported receiving their magazines the next day. Most of the bundle items
        were promoting Branch and Society events, but some were from members
        displaying examples of their print, my thanks go to them for all their time
        and effort used to provide members with samples of their printing. Why
        not help to make the magazine more interesting by printing a Bundle item
        yourself, there is no charge for none commercial items?

        Membership Secretary — Margaret Rookes (10701)
        Over the past year little has changed in my post as Membership Secretary.
        Problems encountered were much the same as in previous years, but there
        were more of these this year. Most were dealt with by email and I have had
        a lot of contact with members on a variety of issues.
          On December 31st 2015 the active membership of the Society numbered
        284, this is 13 less than at the end of 2014. During 2015 the Society gained
        35 new members, all but 3 of these joined directly via the Society’s website,

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