Page 5 - Annual Report 2015
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feel that most issues were fi lled with something that was of interest to the
        membership of the BPS.
          I also realise that I had put the dates for acceptance of fi nal copy further
        ‘left’ in the month, to allow us more time for fi nal layout and proof-reading.
        With a team of three, all running other activities or full time jobs, this was
        paramount. I am aware that proof-reading was sometimes below standard
        and that some typos did creep in from time to time. Offers of help by
        members with proofreading were appreciated but tended to further extend
        the production time-scale. The editor of Small Printer has arguably the most
        important responsibility within the ranks of the BPS. The magazine is the
        glue that binds the society together and unites our ‘Society of Friends’,
        particularly those that do not attend annual conventions. For many it is the
        main reason for their annual subscription. It was also my feeling that the
        magazine was a vehicle for exchange of technical information and ideas.
        Whilst this is no substitute for the cross-reference banter of a Branch
        Meeting, the magazine could, and should, do more to widen printing
        knowledge within the society that holds an enormous amount of experience
        and expertise amongst its members. It was therefore a disappointment that
        my initiatives for both a ‘Hints and Tips’ and ‘Forum of the Month’ did not
        really mature.
          The editorship of Small Printer, over three years, was a most rewarding
        challenge and one that produced much satisfaction, particularly in working
        with the committed team of Giles and Kim.
          Our ‘end product’ was a natural improvement progression, helped by a
        professional designer and team effort, (rather than one-man-band editor
        - how did he manage it?!) - and specifi cally by the advent to full colour
          Closer and more regular contact with the EC would have been useful, and
        and in this I take personal responsibility for not being more involved with the
        EC throughout my tenure of editorship. Perhaps it is a good thing that the
        editorship has returned south where geography allows more contact with
        the EC, BPS members and local branches.
          I would like to thank the EC for allowing me and my team to have the
        privilege of producing the magazine. After a three year stint it is perhaps
        timely for an editor to hand over the reigns: But I know that a life gap has
        been felt by all in the editorial team. I would also like to thank those many
        members who sent in copy to us to include in our magazine. And of course,
        my special thanks are to Giles and Kim for all their support and hard work.

        Editor — Chris Green (7614)
        While I was on holiday in Cornwall last autumn the President telephoned
        to ask if I would consider taking on the role of Editor. Although I had edited
        many issues of Small Printer in the past, it had been (and continues to be) an

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