Page 3 - Annual Report 2015
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Treasurer — Robin Munday (10392)
        To be reported in Small Printer after the Convention.

        Councillor — Paul Hatcher (10648)
        During 2015 much of my time has been taken up with being Secretary of
        the Maidenhead Branch, and being part of the team of branch members
        preparing for the 2016 Convention at Bristol.  However, I also attended all
        the EC meetings in 2015, the Convention in Montrose, and visited one other
        branch, Essex, at their meeting at Chris Brinson’s near Clacton. I have visited
        some other members and I also attended the St Brides’ Wayzgoose in May
        and the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair in October. During the year I submitted
        a couple of articles for Small Printer, and managed also to do some printing!
        Councillor — Ron Rookes (4682)
        As Councillor I attended all the meetings of the  EC held during the year
        except the one held on the evening prior to the Convention. Along with
        the Membership Secretary I joined the Essex Branch for their Road Shows
        at the Colchester Waiting Room and Barleylands Essex Country Fair with a
        table promoting the Society and it’s activities. We also visited the St. Bride
        Foundation Wayzgoose, no offi cial table but we were able to chat to visitors
        and exhibitors and once again promote the Society.

        Councillor — Ron Watson (6955)
        I have attended all of the E.C. meetings during the past year and have put
        my name forward for the next twelve months.

        Non-executive Offi cers

        Advertising Manager — Ron Watson (6955)
        I have continued to attempt in recruiting new advertisers for Small Printer,
        but this has been a diffi cult job, even though our rates are competitive. If
        there is any member who would like to “have a go”, they should contact me
        and discuss this topic.

        Editor — Tim Honnor (5578)
        My editorship started with the January 2013 issue of Small Printer which
        was the fi rst time that the magazine was produced by an editorial team.
        The Executive Committee (EC) had agreed that I would be supported and
        helped by Giles Edwards, responsible under my editorship for design and
        production of the magazine and by Kim Lowe as Assistant Editor. Whilst I
        had known Kim many years, I had not met Giles. I thus took a trip down to
        York and had an afternoon’s meeting with him face to face, during which we

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