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Executive Offi cers

        President — Jean Watson (3712)
        It has been a privilege for me to serve the Society as President this year.
          During my fi rst year in offi ce I have made several visits. Amberley Chalk
        Pits Museum is always a very good day out. On the print weekends all the
        machines are in action and so is Peter Scarratt!!! He is there with others
        teaching and demonstrating letterpress printing hands on, which is always
        very popular with adults and children alike.
          My next visit was to Red Hot Press open weekend in Southampton. Here
        Katherine Anteney runs courses in all sorts of printing and print making. The
        walls of her studio are festooned with prints produce on the premises. While
        I was there I signed up for a lino cutting one day course which proved to be
        informative and great fun.
          During October Ron and I visited the fi rst of a new exhibition. ‘The Print
        Show’ took place at the NEC Birmingham. There were several digital
        machines on display and the 3D printers were fascinating to watch as they
        constructed their creations. Letterpress was on display on the St. Bride
        Foundation stand, they also had a wood engraver demonstrating his craft.
          The Dorset Branch keeps me busy. We hold twelve meetings a year. At
        each meeting we concentrate on a particular subject. They are all light
        hearted sociable gatherings.
          Also this year I have managed to print a couple of items for the bundle.

        Vice President — Bob Edwards (9527)
        I have been pleased to serve another year as Vice President. I have
        continued to support the President in her duties and take an active part on
        the Executive Council. For me, the year has been dominated by preparations
        for the Bristol Convention 2016 for which I am Convenor and that is being
        hosted by BPS Maidenhead Branch. Alongside this, I have continued to
        support the magazine, Small Printer and encouraged new members to
        renew their subscriptions with the Society. We have record numbers booked
        for Bristol and we hope that this will draw in some new recruits who are
        excited by our interest in printing.

        Secretary — Peter Salisbury (5510)
        I have attended each Executive Council meeting and taken the Minutes.  I
        also attended the excellent Convention at Montrose last April.  I have dealt
        with correspondence as necessary and have supported members of the
        Executive Council as required.
           In addition I have attended many of the Surrey & Sussex Branch meetings
        and their Print and Craft day.

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