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Roderic Findlay (10458)
        I am still doing a small amount of digital printing. I very much enjoy reading
        Small Printer and going to the Dorset Branch meetings, which have been
        exceptionally interesting this last year.

        Len Friend (8988)
        Over the past year the Essex Branch have been very busy and along with
        other members I managed to get the BPS a mention in the trade magazine
        Print Week. I have written a couple of short articles for Small Printer, sent in
        answers to the spot the press competition and am still very pleased to be
        involved with the Overseas Branch.
          I have dealt with a couple of enquiries concerning technical problems
        with presses and was happy to point a student from the London College of
        Communications in the right direction with a question about photo-setting,
        and fi nally, helped two members with restoration projects on small hand
        Chris Green (7614)
        I was honoured to be elected as an Honorary Member at the 2015 AGM.
          Since then I have attended all meetings of the Surrey & Sussex Branch. I
        have also taken on the role of Bookings Secretary for the 2016 Convention,
        and I look forward to meeting friends old and new at Bristol.
          During the summer I was asked by the President if I would take over as
        Editor of Small Printer from the beginning of January. This I agreed to do,
        with the assistance of Ron Rookes, for an initial period of two years.

        Dorothy Sydenham (6838)
        Although I only do a small amount of printing these days - usually on the
        Adana 8 x 5 but occasionally on my very old Gocco Screen Printer - I still
        look forward to reading The Small Printer when it arrives.  Congratulations
        on the “New Look”, very pleasing to the eye. The Maidenhead Branch is busy
        preparing for the Convention in April and I am looking forward to meeting
        everybody again.

          All Offi cers (Executive and Nonexecutive), Branch Secretaries
             and Honorary Members were asked to provide a report

                       All those received are included here

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