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meetings. Our 2016 programme has been circulated to a number of BPS
        members living in our catchment area and we always live in hope that
        others may come to join our small but welcoming Branch.

        Honorary Members

        Colin Angior (4219)
        How quickly 2015 has sped by!  No sooner has one Convention fi nished
        than the next one is almost upon us. The Montrose event was carefully
        constructed by John, Tim and many other Scottish members, and was a very
        enjoyable event.  Plenty of activity and interesting talks and demonstrations,
        and for me the great pleasure of seeing our fi rst Lady President, Jean
        Watson being installed.  I met Jean at the fi rst Sussex Branch meeting I
        attended soon after joining BPS in 1975, and we have been friends ever
          I produced my usual Convention report for the magazine (with help from
        Ros for events I couldn’t fi t in).  Also, I had my annual obligation to judge
        the entries for the Rosen award, with which I was greatly assisted by Ron
        Prosser. Together we judged and wrote a critique of each entry, and the
        worthy winner was the entry from the Maidenhead branch.  The entries get
        better each year, with fewer avoidable mistakes as time passes.  I always
        look forward to the next year’s crop.
          Ros and I will be attending the 2016 Convention in Bristol, being organised
        by Maidenhead.  Already it looks professional, and we hope to see many old
        friends again.  Don’t miss it!

        John Easson (2959)
        No special activity to report, although I continue to be involved with various
        printing heritage interests, and people taking up an interest in letterpress.
        Currently, one novice contact who uses a table-top press looks likely to be
        acquiring a Heidelberg windmill that I knew was sitting idle for some years,
        and which they are obviously rather excited about. I have now run two
        classes at the local arts centre, with more in prospect. The prospects for
        a rise in the numbers of individuals printing, and potential members, looks

        Mike Elliston (1613)
        Nothing to report.

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