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methods including wire, section sewing, perfect binding and casebinding.
        Feedback from the students was very favourable.
          July 2015 – Cancelled due to holidays
          October 2015 – Planning meeting for 2016 held in Cardiff. The only BPS
        members attending were Dom & Ron with Peter as a guest as we had a
        couple of last minute apologies

        Surrey and Sussex Branch — Libby Green (7614)

        Members: 7    Meetings: 7 plus Open Day    Average Attendance: 5
        Branch events in 2015 began with our annual lunch, held in January at the
        Red Lion, Ashington, in West Sussex. It was attended by ten members and
        spouses and was the usual enjoyable social gathering.
          Branch meetings in the earlier part of the year were taken up with
        planning our Print and Craft event which took place in Merstham Village Hall
        in May. Attendance was disappointingly low but we had some interesting
        stalls including two local crafts people demonstrating book making, binding
        and restoration and selling some beautiful items. The high spot of the day
        was a talk by Caroline Walker, niece of Max Gill, (brother of Eric), about
        Max’s enormous talent as artist, designer and creator of wonderful maps.
          Four branch members attended the Annual Convention in Montrose.
          In June Peter Scarratt led fi ve of us on a fascinating London walk. We met
        for coffee in the Unilever Centre near Blackfriars, then set off to the St Bride
        Library where Bob Richardson gave us a very interesting tour and talk. After
        lunch we  walked via Dr Johnson’s House into Fleet Street, past the Royal
        Courts of Justice, and then turned south towards the Embankment passing
        the Roman Baths in Shirley Street and ending up by the Victorian Cabdrivers’
        stop. Peter’s extensive knowledge and interest in the area meant that we
        had a great day out.
          For various reasons we didn’t meet again until our AGM in November
        when Peter Scarratt took over from Peter Salisbury as chairman of the
        branch. Peter Salisbury had served in this role for fi fteen years and we
        are very grateful to him for all the time and effort he had quietly put in to
        keeping the branch going during that time.
          On a sad note we accepted Roger Hargrave’s resignation from the Society
        and the Branch after many years of membership due to increasing infi rmity.
        Roger had been struggling for several years with hearing loss, fi nding
        meetings and social gatherings increasingly hard to participate in. He was
        not a letterpress man and his considerable skills in design and printing all
        involved using his computer which health issues no longer allow him to
        do and he decided that as he could no longer print he would not remain a
        member of the BPS. We miss him and Una.
          On the plus side we have been delighted to welcome Rachel Blake into
        the branch, although distance has prevented her from attending evening

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