Page 12 - Annual Report 2015
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diffi cult it is to get to these meetings as we all have busy lives. Certainly my
        own circumstances have changed dramatically since 2012. At that time my
        youngest 2 children were approaching their teens, my eldest 2 had already
        fl ed the nest and my business had collapsed leaving me working 9-5 for
        the fi rst time in 30 years. My future plans for uncovering my Arab press and
        tinkering about in the garage/workshop looked a reality and the BPS seemed
        the perfect vehicle to help me on my way.
          However 3 years later and I have been made a shareholding Sales
        Director. The company I work for has doubled in size and taken on a new
        offi ce in Cardiff as well as Baglan and at home we have taken on 3 foster
        children under the ages of 8.Needless to say the press is still covered up
        and my only letterpress experience has been at our workshops!
        However, that being said I am still keen to promote the BPS and arrange the
          We also agreed that our original plan of holding bi-monthly meetings on
        the last Thursday hadn’t been as successful as originally hoped so planned
        that future events would be planned on an ad-hoc basis. This may help with
        visits if we are more fl exible with our dates but I would like the events to be
        bi-monthly if possible.
          January 2015 - Our fi rst meeting of 2014 was a visit to Cardiff Met Print
          Thomas has a raft of printing & etching presses at his disposal including
        an Albion & a Columbian Eagle, along with screen printing facilities and a
        tidy letterpress workshop housing the BPS’s 8 x 5 Adana.
           Afterwards with beer in hand we sat through ‘Helvetica’, a feature-length
        independent fi lm about typography, graphic design and global visual culture.
        It looked at the proliferation of one 50 year old typeface as part of a larger
        conversation about the way type affects our lives.
          March 2015 – Cancelled due to lack of numbers
          May 2015 – Our May meeting at Stow Parish Centre was another
        blockbuster from Ron. Unfortunately I mixed up my dates and Ron ended
        up providing 2 workshops on consecutive evenings so many thanks Ron.
        Once again Ron arranged and ran a well organised and effi cient evening of
        perfect binding, sewing, padding and general bookbinding practise. With 3
        participants on evening 1 and 10 on day 2 including 5 students (3 were from
        Brazil) Ron had his hands full but coped admirably. I’m not sure that the
        students were expecting a sex education lesson as part of the workshop but
        by the time they had completed Ron’s ‘Courting in the Courtyard’ hand sewn
        and glued slide out booklet their knowledge of matters regarding the birds
        and bees had been well and truly explained and  illustrated. I returned home
        with a pad, booklet and book about Newport’s Artistic Printing and a vow
        to fi nd time to start producing my own beautifully bound publications. We
        also showed the students examples of litho printed books bound via various

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