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Finnish in order to know what he is printing although he sometimes puts in
        some English wording specially for me. Other members who have written
        about their experiences this year include George Hamilton, our Viennese
        correspondent  who I believe met up with another Overseas member,
        Patrick Goossens in the USA at a Conference and one of or newer members
        Mike Pomeroy from Stratford, Ontario. The most recent member to join
        has been Mrs. Yoko Megro from Tokyo in Japan who specialises in printing
        exquisite greeting cards and similar items on a Japanese letterpress
          Our member from West Australia, Geoff Moor sent me a photograph
        of himself and Len Friend when they met up in London and had a light
        refreshment in “the Cheshire Cheese” hostelry in Fleet Street.  This was
        Dr. Samuel Johnson’s favourite hang out when he wasn’t gadding about in
        Scotland with James Boswell.
          Some of our members have expressed an interest in writing articles for
        the Small Printer in order to reach a somewhat larger readership than they
        have in the Overseas Newsletter and I am hoping that they will do so in
        That’s it for now………
        Scottish Branch — John Easson (2959)

        Members:       Meetings:       Average Attendance:
        After the excitement of the Montrose Convention, which I think can be
        considered a success, with a good attendance, a great friendly atmosphere,
        and even a tiny profi t (with the EC grant not in fact required) despite low
        prices, the branch has not had any further activity. Many thanks to the
        efforts of branch members for their efforts, and to the other BPS members
        who gave their support.

        Shropshire Branch — Peter Criddle (6562)

        Members:       Meetings:       Average Attendance:
        No report submitted.

        South Wales Branch — Dominic Hartley (10627)
        Members: 8     Meetings: 3     Average Attendance:
        Brief summary of 2015 meetings.  We aim to meet on the last Thursday
        of every second month and as our area spreads from Chepstow on the
        East across to Pembroke on the West we aim to fi nd venues along the M4
          FYI A note I sent out last November. Some of the events that we arranged
        last year were pretty poorly attended and I completely understand how

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