Page 10 - Annual Report 2015
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Overseas Branch — Kevin Thorp (10244)

        Members: 19
        It’s hard to believe that the Overseas Branch has been a cohesive group for
        six years.   Unlike many other branches we rarely, if ever for geographical
        reasons, meet each other personally.  However that has not lessened the
        bonds of friendship formed between our members over the years.  When I
        attended the 2015 Convention in Montrose, Scotland I met some members
        of the BPS living  in England who told me that they did not belong to any
        branch and apart from attending Conventions rarely got to meet fellow
        members to discuss printing or other matters.
        The chief, if not the only link that they have with the wider printing world of
        the BPS is their monthly copy of The Small Printer.
          We have been very fortunate to have such an enthusiastic group in our
        branch who like to write in our Overseas Newsletter  about their printing
        experiences and about the ups and downs of daily life in whichever part of
        the world they inhabit.
         It was Len Friend of the Essex branch of the BPS who fi rst recognised this
        enthusiasm and encouraged us to form a branch.  Len’s help, advice and
        generosity of spirit has been a great boost to our branch in its many ups
        and few downs.   I receive constant up-dates from members and have learnt
        that the phenomenon called “El Nino” is rocking the world once more with
        a mixture of torrential rains and drought, depending on where you pitch
        your tent. As I write there is up to a metre of snow blanketing Ontario with
        temperatures of minus 20 Celsius and over 80 bush fi res raging across
        Tasmania with temperatures in the 40’s Celsius.  Our Belgian correspondent,
        Patrick Goossens  tells me that The Plantin, Moretus Print Museum in
        Antwerp is closing down for some months whilst it is being tidied up inside
        and the accumulated impedimenta of fi ve centuries is burrowed through
        and sorted – the kind of job I would love to do if I had the time.
        Stephen Gill on the Isle of Arran has about a dozen family members visiting
        him this week so he’s not had the time to write me his usual Newsletter up-
        date on how to survive on a wind-swept rock in the Atlantic from where he
        can see Scotland on one side and Ireland on the other.
          Yesterday I received a parcel from Canada (not a food one) from Paul Jay
        who sent me a DVD of his visit to the Print Museum in Beijing and some
        copies of a magazine called “Amphora” which is a quarterly publication by
        the Alcuin Book Society to which Paul is a regular contributor.  Both our New
        Zealand members, Ted on the North Island and John on the South Island
        send regular up-dates despite increasing seismic activities there.
          Our Finnish member Arsi Saukkola is still regularly printing 400 copies
        of “Tuokio” his local newspaper on an ancient Gestetner Duplicator . We
        exchange copies of our local Newsletters with him sending me “Tuokio”
        and me sending him the Rush Community News.   I will have to learn

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