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Calling all Scottish members – what future would you like for our Branch?

Rosemary Everett is looking for members across Scotland to get in touch if you are interested in revitalising our Branch. John Easson has stepped down as our Branch Secretary – thank you John for your many, hugely valued, contributions across the years.  We hope you will be part of the Branch’s future still! 

Now seems like the time for Scottish members, new and old, to contact each other and discuss what we’d like to do as a group.  Meeting on Zoom or in person, visiting each other in smaller groups, setting up a What’s App, or other online, group for help and advice – it’s all possible but tricky to establish until we have a better idea of who our current Scottish members are, where you are based and what you’d like to do!

Please email Rosemary before March 1st 2022 and she will be in touch with everyone who is interested to take things forward.  Looking forward to hearing from you scotland@bpsnet.org.uk Instagram @everett_creates

Contact: Rosemary Everett - scotland@bpsnet.org.uk