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Branches are the local face of the Society. While membership of a Branch is by no means mandatory, members are encouraged to join a local Branch if there is one close to them. If there is none, they may consider forming a new branch. The Executive Committee of the BPS is strongly supportive and will give support and help to members who wish to start a new branch.

Branches are run by their members as autonomous organisations and they have their own management committees and run their own programmes and are responsible for their own finances.

All Branch meetings are open to all members of the Society. Members get together and discuss or try a particular printing topic, chat about most aspects of printing and generally give each other help and encouragement.

Often instead of holding a meeting, members will organise outside visits of interest to printers, for example to commercial printers, papermaking facilities etc, together with the occasional social events (e.g. Annual Dinner for members and their partners).

Visit to Paper Science Lab.

Some Branches hold annual Open Days where items of printing and equipment are sold. Further details of Branches are provided to members on joining the Society.

Many of the Branches have their own web page - their contents are determined by the Branch and any comment should be made to the contact shown on the appropriate page.

We list below Society Branches that have provided information for the British Printing Society web site:

Bristol Branch - for details visit Bristol

Dorset Branch - for details visit Dorset

Essex Branch - for details, visit Essex

Lincolnshire and District Branch - for details, visit Lincoln

London Branch - for details, visit London

Maidenhead (and Thames Valley) Branch - for details, visit Maidenhead

Overseas Branch, for details, visit Overseas.

Scottish Branch - for details visit Scotland.

Shropshire Branch - for details, visit Shropshire.

Solent Branch - for details, visit Solent.

South Wales Branch - for details, visit South Wales.

Surrey and Sussex Branch - for details, visit Surrey

If any member or prospective member has difficulty in finding a nearby branch, or is interested in forming a branch, please contact Libby Green vicepresident@bpsnet.org.uk