The Publishing Group Annual
(Small Printing)

Once a year members contribute pages on a subject previously agreed by the group members. The pages are assembled and bound as a book called 'The Publishing Group Annual' formerly 'Small Printing'. Each contributing member receives a copy and the remaining copies are sold, many of these becoming collectors’ items.

All payments will be made via the BPS Secure PayPal Portal
When you go to the PayPal Portal you will be given the option to pay by
PayPal or Debit/Credit Card.
When paying by card, details will not be passed on to the Society.

2022 - Tall Tales

2021 - Favourite Phrases

2020 - Lockdown

2019 - Space

2018 - Pattern

2017 - Punctuation

2016 - Outrageous Fonts

2015 - Printing for Pleasure

2014 - A Bouquet of Flowers

2013 - Printing in Miniature

2012 - History

2011 - Display

Any problems, contact Ron Rookes