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What is it about printing? Why do some people, who for all normal purposes seem rational, become weak at the knees at the thought of applying inked letters or images on to paper? Whatever the psychology, there is a significant number of people who find printing incredibly attractive: such people may join the Printing Industry but many carry it out on a small scale in their own homes and become members of the British Printing Society.

There are also people who started as hobby printers, but liked it so much that they established small printing shops. The British Printing Society is the spiritual home for such people. Part of the attraction is the pleasure of meeting like-minded people to discuss techniques, suppliers of materials etc.

Many members continue to use the traditional way of printing which is based upon using movable lead type (Letterpress). However today commercial printers mainly use computer based images which are then printed using digital or analogue technologies; these techniques have been adopted by many members, often alongside Letterpress. Digital technology is particularly suitable for short-run publications like Newsletters and Society Magazines.

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The log in system is changing. You can now register your own individual user name and password. Click to Register on the log in page and fill out the form. You will have access once you have been verified. The current generic login will also continue until the end of August.

Make a visit to see the Library Book Lists, a Diary of Society and print related events, Members' Links, Links to Suppliers and other Society information relevant to Members and copies of Small Printer and the PG Annual

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BPS Convention 2016

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The 2016 Convention will be hosted by the Maidenhead Branch and take place on 8th to10th April at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Filton, Bristol, Avon, BS16 1QX. Visit the Convention web pages.

Publishing Group Annual

Copies of the Publishing Group Annual (formerly Small Printing) for 2013 - Printing in Miniature are now available for purchase along with 2012 - History and 2011 - Display . £7.50 including UK postage, £9.75 Overseas.

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